Digital Environments - Level 2 Elective

University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts

tutor: Jonathan Kearney

Week 13 – 28 January 2011

Final elective session - 10am

For this last session we will attempt to briefly look at a few ideas we haven't covered yet but if there are specific things that you want to talk about you are welcome to suggest things.

I has been a pleasure working with you all over the past few months, you have been a particularly engaged group and some of the discussions have been very interesting, thank you.

Can you all take 10 minutes and fill in this survey about the course, thank you.

Friday 14 January: 5pm - submission deadline - on your blog,
I will not be collecting any paper

Assessment Criteria for the elective:

Subject Knowledge: Understanding and application of subject knowledge and underlying principles
Analysis: Examination and interpretation of resources
Research: Systematic identification and investigation of appropriate sources
Personal and Professional Development : Management of learning through reflection, planning, self direction, subject engagement and commitment

there are 4 things you will be assessed on

Assessment Evidence:
1. Assessment Records (your attendance on Fridays)
2. Student Log (your blog and your reflective notes on there and your involvement in discussions on this wiki)
3. Presentation of practical and contextual research outcomes to peer group (the final elective event Friday 21 January)
4. Evaluative Report - 500 - 700 words (on your blog, not on paper) - see below for an alternative to writing

Number 4 is the most important one.
As I have said all along if you keep regular notes on your blog then writing a evaluative report which gathers your thoughts together will be really easy.

Alternative to writing 500-700 words:

BBC - Virtual Revolution

In week 6 we looked at some of the footage from The Virtual Revolution a major BBC documentary series

On the BBC site you can watch, download and edit a huge selection of footage from the series. You can download and edit some of it yourself as a reflective piece of work for your final assessment and to be shown as part of the final elective event on 21 January 2011. This re-edit or remix can be humorous, series, thought provoking or bizarre. You don't even have to edit the video, if you want to make an object, or print for example using some of the footage that is also fine – remember that this is for your final assessment instead of 500-700 written words so it needs to be a bit more than a just choosing one 2 minute clip to show.

This is cassette boy's humorous take on remixing the footage:
This is a free online basic video editing sort of thing
You can visit the Digital Resource Centre at Peckham Road and learn basic video editing as well

Location: Large seminar room, first floor Wilson Road
Time: Fridays 10am to 12pm
week01 - Friday 8 October: 10am - 12pm - introduction
week02 - Friday 15 October: 10am - 12pm - digital is... & where have we come from?
week03 - Friday 22 October: 10am - 12pm - visit to Unleashed Devices exhibition at Watermans Centre
week04 - Friday 29 October: 10am - 12pm - 'strategies' & 'tactics' - digital new language
week05 - Friday 5 November: 2pm - 4pm - visit to 3D printing studio
week06 - Friday 12 November: 10am - 12pm - 5 views of the internet
week07 - Friday 19 November: 10am - 12pm - digital art, noise and interaction
week08 - Friday 26 November: 10am - 12pm -copyright, copywrong
week09 - Friday 3 December: 10am - 12pm - laser cutting (this will be in 2 groups of no more than 15 - morning and afternoon)
week10 - Friday 10 December: 10am - 12pm - there will be NO session this week, (I am speaking at a conference in Liverpool that day)

week11 - Friday 14 January: 10am - 12pm - submission deadline
week12 - Friday 21 January: 10am - 12pm - all students elective event
week13 - Friday 28 January: 10am - 12pm