Friday 3 December 2010

laser cutting at Peckham Road - in the basement

we will be going to the laser cutting workshop at Peckham Road building. You will need to bring with you:

• a file for the laser cuter to use, this file needs to be an image of some sort but in MUST BE IN VECTOR LINES FORMAT.
• a piece of paper to laser cut - because there are a lot of us we will only be cutting paper (other materials will take too long), so bring some sort of paper, this can be anything you like, from brown wrapping paper, to thick water-colour paper

The idea is this:

  • create anything you want which relates to this elective, it might be a simple image or just a word, anything to do with digital environments.
  • bring the file and some paper to laser cut - we will only use paper as this is quick to cut and we have a lot of people to get through
  • the paper can be any size
  • these will be individual pieces that we will somehow piece together into a giant collage of our experiences

this will take place in the morning and the afternoon - 15 people maximum in each session:

add your name to the list below:

MORNING - 9.30 - 12.30
1 Mike Sayer
2 Estelle jauneaud
3 Helena Davey
4Bill Benton
5 Jack Martin
6 Chris Towers
7 Luke Nairn
8 Louise Lynn
9 James RG Neville
10 Hannah Olwer
11 Nadine Daouti
13Yi Bai
14 Thomas Roberts

AFTERNOON - 1.30 - 4.30
1 sarah gavin
2 Andrea Foenander
3 Jose Gomez
4 Ayse Cobanoglu
5 Tove Emilsson
6 Adam Ridovics
7 Johanne Teigen
8 Shauna Tranter
9 Yosuke Kondo