Digital Environments

Week4 - 31 October 2008

notes and links from the session

This week we went on a visit to the Barbican Centre and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

At the Barbican was an installation by Rafel Lozano-Hemmer, if you didn't come on the vist make sure you get to see this work, it is open until mid January.

Lozano-Hemmer's work uses digital as its medium, with software reading your shadow and using the data to tune radios and change the volume.

At the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) we saw an installation by Ear Cinema, this is only open for one more day, but is going to the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol next. 18142.twl

At the ICA the artistic director of the current Ear Cinema installation called 'Late Noon Sun' met us and talked about the making of the project. It was filmed on location in Area10, which is behind Peckham library, just down the road from Camberwell College. Wajid Yaseen, the artistic director, talked about his preference for 'ubiquitous computing', he didn't want to see the technology, he was only interested in the impact of it, what he could do as a performance and how the digital technology allowed him to do things that were previously impossible.

TASKS for 7 November 2008

1. on your blog
write about, or video yourself talking about the 2 visits. You might want to use the questions below to help you reflect on the visits.

What was interesting to you? Was it new or familiar or new?
Were the 2 installations successful? What do you mean by successful?
Was the technology a distraction? Was the technology well used?
In the Ear Cinema installation at the ICA, what did you think of the ambisonic sound? How did the sound interact with the space and the film?
Do either of these installations have any impact on your own work? If you had an expert technician to help you could you see anyway you could integrate similar technology into your creative practice?

If you didn't come on the visit you MUST still write on your blog, you can still visit the Barbican installation and comment on that, and you can research Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Ear Cinema and write about what you discover.

2. Some of you still haven't put your blog on the student blogs page. You MUST do this as this is how this course will be assessed. If you don't have a blog and add the link to the page on the wiki, unfortunately you will eventually fail this elective as I will have nothing with which to assess you. If you are having problems adding the link then bring your blog details next Friday and we will add them after the session.