Digital Environments

Week4 - 30 October 2009

As I was away this week it was an independent study week and there were a list of tasks for you to complete:

1. add your blog address to the student blogs page on this wiki, please add your FULL name and then the link to your blog.

2. on your blog
respond to at least 2 of the questions I asked about Manovich’s essay,
you need to write 2-300 words or alternatively you can make you own video. This could be a very simple video, even recorded on a mobile phone, of you talking about your response. This can easily be uploaded to youtube or an other video hosting site like vimeo. Then you can embed it on your blog.

3. The internet and more specifically the World Wide Web is fast becoming fundamental to 21st century life. Watch the following 2 videos and comment on your blog about how they present some of the foundational principles of the web and how these challenge previous structures.

'The Machine is Us/ing Us' by Michael Wesch
'We Think' by Charles Leadbeater:

4. For the final elective event in January we are planning to create a something out of laser cut paper. In December we will spend some time in the laser cut workshop creating a collaborative object. To laser cut it is necessary to produce a digital computer file that includes your design made up of 'vector based' lines. The laser follows the lines in your file and cuts through the paper.

In preparation for this you need to start using a vector based piece of software. Don't worry about what to create just yet, (unless you are already familiar with the software), for now just learn the basics.

The most famous vector based software is Adobe Illustrator and there are open workshops in the Digital Media Centre at Peckham Road that you can attend. There are also various 'open source' free options such as that you can download and experiment with. There are also many tutorials on the internet.