Digital Environments

Week4 - 29 October 2009

discussion around the essay by Lev Manovich

TASKS for 5 November 2010

1. add your blog to the student blogs page
(go to to start a blog in a just a few minutes, read more on week01 page)

2. on your own blog write your own thoughts about whether art is still possible in a world of web 2.0, and any other thoughts or questions about the Manovich essay

3. look at this case study carried out as part of a major research project at the University of the Arts London, it used some 3D printing and scanning, which is the visit we are going on next week

4. vector file - at the end of November we will be doing some practical work using a laser cutter, this needs a file that uses vector lines instead of pixels. You can create vector files with software like Adobe Illustrator or the free open source version Inkscape. In the digital resource centre at Peckham Road you can check the timetable and turn up for a free Illustrator workshop. I suggest you do this and get to know the basics of creating a vector file. We will talk more about what you might create nearer the time.

next Friday 5 November we are on a visit at 14.00 (2pm) more details here (NOT 10am as usual)